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Qt News (Q4 2009)


The final quarter of 2009 has been a busy time for releases. Here are some of the recent highlights from the release frenzy.

Qt 4.6

Qt 4.6 includes support for graphical effects.

Qt 4.6, the latest in the Qt 4 line of releases, brings with it a number of improvements, both in terms of features and in overall performance.

Features like support for the Symbian platform, animation and state machine frameworks, multi-touch and gestures have been mentioned extensively elsewhere. Other lower profile, yet important features include a DOM access API for Web pages, graphics effects that can be applied to graphics items, and the long-awaited XML Schema 1.0 validation support.

More information about the new features can be found on the What's New in Qt 4.6 page, which also includes a detailed list of new APIs in this release.

Qt Creator 1.3

Qt Creator in action

In Qt Quarterly 31, we previewed the latest features in development for Qt Creator, the Integrated Development Environment for Qt application developers.

Qt Creator 1.3 has now been released, and can be obtained from the developer tools section of the Qt Web site.

New Qt APIs – QtMobility

With an increasing amount of attention being paid to Qt development for mobile devices, the scope of Qt is increasing to include new APIs such as QtMobility, which addresses some aspects of mobile computing.

To coincide with the latest QtMobility release, Forum Nokia is running a Qt Mobility Contest from 7 December 2009 until 31 January 2010 to inspire developers to use the new APIs. The grand prize is a trip to the next Nokia Developer Summit, which takes place in summer 2010 in the USA.

Registration for the competition closes on 30 December, so you need to hurry if you want to take part.

Qt Technology Preview 2 for Maemo developers

Nokia N900 device

An official preview of Qt for Maemo 5 has been made available. Developers can use Qt to target the new N900 device while ensuring that their applications can be easily ported to all of Qt's supported platforms, including the next Maemo 6 release.

The full release of the Qt port for Maemo 5 is scheduled for 1st half of 2010, with other pre-releases planned prior to final release.

Qt Certification Program

Nokia has recently launched a Certification Program for Qt. Its mission is to contribute to the success of Qt by building a community of qualified Qt developers. The idea behind this is that more qualified Qt developers will result in better Qt based products which will, in turn, lead to a larger number of satisfied end users and customers.

Qt eLearning

Learn at your own pace with Qt eLearning solutions. Qt eLearning material and online courses are available at any time, anywhere, to people of all Qt skill levels – from new Qt users to experienced Qt developers.

Start learning now with full recordings of Qt Developer Days 2009 education sessions, technical talks and case study presentations. Learn more on the Qt eLearning site.