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Qt Solutions Overview
by Jasmin Blanchette
Trolltech provides platform- and industry-specific components and tools, as well as cutting-edge components too new to include directly in Qt, to Qt Enterprise license holders as Qt Solutions. We expect to release new components each quarter. In this article, we will review the components that are available so far. Check out regularly or read Qt Quarterly to keep up-to-date about new components.

Pie Menu


The QtPieMenu widget provides a circular pie menu popup widget. Such menus are usually triggered as context menus and allow directional, gesture, and traditional mouse navigation. Pie menus are faster to navigate with the mouse than conventional menus because all the menu items are available at an equal distance from the mouse pointer.

Undo/Redo Framework

The Undo/Redo Framework allows developers to implement multiplatform undo/redo functionality in their application. It is based on the command design pattern. The framework consists of four classes:


The QtService class is a base class for Windows services and Unix daemons. It makes it possible to write portable Qt programs that run independently of a user being logged in or not. Services are usually non-interactive console applications, but can also provide a user interface.

Qt/MFC Migration Framework

The Qt/MFC Migration Framework assists in the migration of existing Win32 and MFC applications to the Qt toolkit. It consists of three classes that allow using Qt and MFC/Win32 windows in the same application.

SSL Filter

SSL is a standard way to encrypt network connections. The QtSSLFilter class allows developers to use SSL together with Qt's QSocket class. It requires the third-party OpenSSL library.

Single Application

The QtSingleApplication class provides support for applications that can be started only once per user. Future attempts to start the application could activate any already running instance of the application, and possibly perform an action (for example, opening a file).


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is an XML standard for describing how to exchange messages. Its primary usage is to invoke web services and get responses. It consists of 9 classes: QSoapMessage, QSoapQName, QSoapType, QSoapArray, QSoapArrayIterator, QSoapStruct, QSoapStructIterator, QtSoapSimpleType, and QtSoapHttpTransport. These classes make it easy to construct, send, receive, and process SOAP messages on the client side.

Thumb Wheel


The QtThumbWheel widget provides a horizontal or vertical thumb wheel widget. Thumb wheels are often used in 2D and 3D applications to control rotation, zooming, and scrolling. The rotation of the thumb wheel is translated into an integer value within a specified range. In many contexts, it is an excellent alternative to QDial or QSlider.

Window List Menu

The QtWindowListMenu widget provides MDI applications with a "Windows" menu entry that shows the available MDI windows and which window is currently active. It also has entries to close all windows, to cascade them, and other common functionality. QtWindowListMenu automatically keeps track of the windows in a QWorkspace.


MML Widget


MathML is an XML standard to describe mathematical formulas. The QtMmlWidget class renders formulas written in a subset of MathML 2.0. It requires a Unicode font on the user's machine for rendering mathematical symbols.


XEmbed is a protocol that allows X11 applications to embed an X11 widget from one application into another application. The QtXEmbedContainer class provides a means of embedding X11 widgets into a Qt application, while the QXEmbedClient class makes it possible to write XEmbed applets or plugins. When a client has been embedded and the container receives tab focus, focus is passed on to the client. When the client reaches the end of its focus chain, focus is passed back to the container. Window activation, accelerator support, modality and drag and drop (XDND) are also supported.

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