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QSA - Library Classes

QSEditorEnhanced editor for editing Qt Script source code
QSInputDialogFactoryExtends QSA with a basic and easy-to-use input dialog framework
QSInterpreterThe public API for the Qt Script for Applications script engine
QSObjectFactoryMethod for Qt Script programs to create C++ QObjects
QSProjectProject management over scripts written in Qt Script for Applications
QSScriptEncapsulation of a script written in Qt Script
QSStackFrameInformation about a function call in the stack trace
QSUtilFactoryExtends QSA with classes to allow file access, directory traversal and executing external processes
QSWorkbenchInterface to QSA Workbench, the QSA simple scripting environment
QSWrapperFactoryMethod for Qt Script to extend QObject C++ types and to automatically wrap non-QObject C++ types

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QSA 1.2.2