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Qt Script for Applications

Qt Script for Applications is a cross-platform toolkit for making C++ applications scriptable using an interpreted scripting language, Qt Script.

Below are links to the Qt Script for Applications documentation.

Getting Started with QSA About QSA, how to make an application scriptable, how to write scripts and how to deploy these applications.
QSA - Library ClassesClass reference for QSA-specific classes.
QSA - All FunctionsFunction reference for QSA-specific functions.
QSA Examples Model working examples.
QSA Header files Header files for QSA-specific classes.
Qt Script Language Reference Qt Script's types, objects, functions and control statements.
QSA Extension Frameworks Additional scripting API's available with QSA
QSA Workbench Reference The QSA Workbench manual.
Credits Bug reporters, patch contributors, beta testers.
Qt API The Qt API reference documentation.

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