Qt Reference Documentation

Class and Function Documentation

Links to indexes and lists for finding class and function reference documentation.

Class Lists

All Classes

If you know the name of the class you want, find it here.

All Modules

Qt 4 comprises several modules. Each module is a separate library.

All Namespaces

A Qt namespace contains enum types, functions, and sometimes classes.

Annotated Class List

If you don't know the name of the class you want, but you know what the class should do, you might try looking here.

Groups Of Related Classes

If you know what kind of class you want (GUI, painting, I.O, etc), look here.

Inheritance Hierarchy

The C++ class inheritance hierarchy for all classes in the Qt API.

Obsolete Classes

These classes are obsolete and should not be used in new code.

Qt3 Support Classes

These classes ease the porting of code from Qt 3 to Qt 4.

Function Lists

All Functions

All documented Qt functions listed alphabetically with a link to where each one is declared.

Endian Conversion Functions

The <QtEndian> header provides functions to convert between little and big endian representations of numbers.

Generic Algorithms

The <QtAlgorithms> header includes the generic, template-based algorithms.

Global Qt Declarations

The <QtGlobal> header file includes the fundamental global declarations. It is included by most other Qt header files.

Platform-Specific Functions

Exported functions for fine tuning Qt applications.


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