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Q3IconDragItem Class Reference

The Q3IconDragItem class encapsulates a drag item. More...

 #include <Q3IconDragItem>

This class is part of the Qt 3 support library. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code. See Porting to Qt 4 for more information.

Public Functions

Q3IconDragItem ()
virtual ~Q3IconDragItem ()
virtual QByteArray data () const
virtual void setData ( const QByteArray & d )

Detailed Description

The Q3IconDragItem class encapsulates a drag item.

The Q3IconDrag class uses a list of Q3IconDragItems to support drag and drop operations.

In practice a Q3IconDragItem object (or an object of a class derived from Q3IconDragItem) is created for each icon view item which is dragged. Each of these Q3IconDragItems is stored in a Q3IconDrag object.

See Q3IconView::dragObject() for more information.

Member Function Documentation

Q3IconDragItem::Q3IconDragItem ()

Constructs a Q3IconDragItem with no data.

Q3IconDragItem::~Q3IconDragItem () [virtual]


QByteArray Q3IconDragItem::data () const [virtual]

Returns the data contained in the Q3IconDragItem.

See also setData().

void Q3IconDragItem::setData ( const QByteArray & d ) [virtual]

Sets the data for the Q3IconDragItem to the data stored in the QByteArray d.

See also data().


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