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QML is a language for building the animation rich, highly fluid user interfaces that are becoming common in portable consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones, media players, set-top boxes and netbooks. It is also appropriate for highly custom desktop user interfaces, or special elements in more traditional desktop user interfaces.

Building fluid applications is done declaratively, rather than procedurally. That is, you specify what the UI should look like and how it should behave rather than specifying step-by-step how to build it. Specifying a UI declaratively does not just include the layout of the interface items, but also the way each individual item looks and behaves and the overall flow of the application.

The QML elements provide a sophisticated set of graphical and behavioral building blocks. These different elements are combined together in QML documents to build components ranging in complexity from simple buttons and sliders, to complete internet-enabled applications like a Flickr photo browser.

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