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QDeclarativeScriptString Class Reference

The QDeclarativeScriptString class encapsulates a script and its context. More...

 #include <QDeclarativeScriptString>

This class was introduced in Qt 4.7.

Public Functions

QDeclarativeScriptString ()
QDeclarativeScriptString ( const QDeclarativeScriptString & other )
QDeclarativeContext * context () const
QObject * scopeObject () const
QString script () const
void setContext ( QDeclarativeContext * context )
void setScopeObject ( QObject * object )
void setScript ( const QString & script )
QDeclarativeScriptString & operator= ( const QDeclarativeScriptString & other )

Detailed Description

The QDeclarativeScriptString class encapsulates a script and its context.

QDeclarativeScriptString is used to create QObject properties that accept a script "assignment" from QML.

Normally, the following QML would result in a binding being established for the script property; i.e. script would be assigned the value obtained from running myObj.value = Math.max(myValue, 100)

 MyType {
     script: myObj.value = Math.max(myValue, 100)

If instead the property had a type of QDeclarativeScriptString, the script itself -- myObj.value = Math.max(myValue, 100) -- would be passed to the script property and the class could choose how to handle it. Typically, the class will evaluate the script at some later time using a QDeclarativeExpression.

 QDeclarativeExpression expr(scriptString.context(), scriptString.script(), scriptStr.scopeObject());

See also QDeclarativeExpression.

Member Function Documentation

QDeclarativeScriptString::QDeclarativeScriptString ()

Constructs an empty instance.

QDeclarativeScriptString::QDeclarativeScriptString ( const QDeclarativeScriptString & other )

Copies other.

QDeclarativeContext * QDeclarativeScriptString::context () const

Returns the context for the script.

See also setContext().

QObject * QDeclarativeScriptString::scopeObject () const

Returns the scope object for the script.

See also setScopeObject().

QString QDeclarativeScriptString::script () const

Returns the script text.

See also setScript().

void QDeclarativeScriptString::setContext ( QDeclarativeContext * context )

Sets the context for the script.

See also context().

void QDeclarativeScriptString::setScopeObject ( QObject * object )

Sets the scope object for the script.

See also scopeObject().

void QDeclarativeScriptString::setScript ( const QString & script )

Sets the script text.

See also script().

QDeclarativeScriptString & QDeclarativeScriptString::operator= ( const QDeclarativeScriptString & other )

Assigns other to this.


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