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QML ParticleMotionWander Element

The ParticleMotionWander object moves particles in a somewhat random fashion. More...

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    Detailed Description

    The particles will continue roughly in the original direction, however will randomly drift to each side.

    The code below produces an effect similar to falling snow.

     Rectangle {
         width: 240
         height: 320
         color: "black"
         Particles {
             y: 0
             width: parent.width
             height: 30
             source: "star.png"
             lifeSpan: 5000
             count: 50
             angle: 70
             angleDeviation: 36
             velocity: 30
             velocityDeviation: 10
             ParticleMotionWander {
                 xvariance: 30
                 pace: 100

    See also Particles.

    Property Documentation

    pace : real

    This property holds how quickly the paricles will move from side to side.

    xvariance : real

    yvariance : real

    These properties set the amount to wander in the x and y directions.


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