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QML PropertyAction Element

The PropertyAction element allows immediate property changes during animation. More...

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    Detailed Description

    PropertyAction is used to specify an immediate property change during an animation. The property change is not animated.

    For example, to explicitly set theImage.smooth = true during a Transition:

     transitions: Transition {
         PropertyAction { target: theImage; property: "smooth"; value: true }

    Or, to set theWebView.url to the value set for the destination state:

     transitions: Transition {
         PropertyAction { target: theWebView; property: "url" }

    See also QtDeclarative.

    Property Documentation

    read-onlyexclude : list<Object>

    This property holds the objects that should not be affected by this action.

    See also targets.

    target : Object

    read-onlytargets : list<Object>

    property : string

    properties : string

    These properties determine the items and their properties that are affected by this action.

    The details of how these properties are interpreted in different situations is covered in the corresponding PropertyAnimation documentation.

    See also exclude.

    value : any

    This property holds the value to be set on the property. If not set, then the value defined for the end state of the transition.


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