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The QtObject element is the most basic element in QML. More...

QtObject instantiates the C++ class QObject

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    Detailed Description

    The QtObject element is a non-visual element which contains only the objectName property.

    It can be useful to create a QtObject if you need an extremely lightweight element to enclose a set of custom properties:

     import Qt 4.7
     Item {
         QtObject {
             id: attributes
             property string name
             property int size
             property variant attributes
         Text { text: attributes.name }

    It can also be useful for C++ integration, as it is just a plain QObject. See the QObject documentation for further details.

    Property Documentation

    objectName : string

    This property holds the QObject::objectName for this specific object instance.

    This allows a C++ application to locate an item within a QML component using the QObject::findChild() method. For example, the following C++ application locates the child Rectangle item and dynamically changes its color value:

     // MyRect.qml
     import Qt 4.7
     Item {
         width: 200; height: 200
         Rectangle {
             anchors.fill: parent
             color: "red"
             objectName: "myRect"
     // main.cpp
     QDeclarativeView view;
     QDeclarativeItem *item = view.rootObject()->findChild<QDeclarativeItem*>("myRect");
     if (item)
         item->setProperty("color", QColor(Qt::yellow));


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