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QML Scale Element

The Scale element provides a way to scale an Item. More...

Scale instantiates the C++ class QGraphicsScale

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    Detailed Description

    The Scale element gives more control over scaling than using Item's scale property. Specifically, it allows a different scale for the x and y axes, and allows the scale to be relative to an arbitrary point.

    The following example scales the X axis of the Rectangle, relative to its interior point 25, 25:

     Rectangle {
         width: 100; height: 100
         color: "blue"
         transform: Scale { origin.x: 25; origin.y: 25; xScale: 3}

    See also Rotation and Translate.

    Property Documentation

    origin.x : real

    origin.y : real

    The point that the item is scaled from (i.e., the point that stays fixed relative to the parent as the rest of the item grows). By default the origin is 0, 0.

    xScale : real

    The scaling factor for the X axis.

    yScale : real

    The scaling factor for the Y axis.


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