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QML ScriptAction Element

The ScriptAction element allows scripts to be run during an animation. More...

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    Detailed Description

    ScriptAction can be used to run script at a specific point in an animation.

     SequentialAnimation {
         NumberAnimation { ... }
         ScriptAction { script: doSomething(); }
         NumberAnimation { ... }

    When used as part of a Transition, you can also target a specific StateChangeScript to run using the scriptName property.

     State {
         StateChangeScript {
             name: "myScript"
             script: doStateStuff();
     Transition {
         SequentialAnimation {
             NumberAnimation { ... }
             ScriptAction { scriptName: "myScript" }
             NumberAnimation { ... }

    See also StateChangeScript.

    Property Documentation

    script : script

    This property holds the script to run.

    scriptName : string

    This property holds the the name of the StateChangeScript to run.

    This property is only valid when ScriptAction is used as part of a transition. If both script and scriptName are set, scriptName will be used.

    Note: When using scriptName in a reversible transition, the script will only be run when the transition is being run forwards.


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