Qt Reference Documentation

Qt Desktop UI Components

These pages are about Qt's traditional set of GUI components for building both native look ^ feel and custom UI's for the desktop environment. Use Qt Quick for building UI's for mobile devices.

Application Main Window

Creating the application window.

Desktop Integration

Integrating with the user's desktop environment.

Dialog Windows

An overview over dialog windows.

Drag and Drop

An overview of the drag and drop system provided by Qt.

Gestures Programming

An overview of Qt support for Gesture programming.

Layout Management

A tour of the standard layout managers and an introduction to custom layouts.

Qt Quick

Qt Quick provides a declarative framework for building highly dynamic, custom user interfaces.

Styles &amp Style Aware Widgets

Styles and the styling of widgets.

The Animation Framework

An overview of the Animation Framework

Widgets and Layouts

The primary elements for designing user interfaces in Qt.

Window and Dialog Widgets

Windows and Dialogs in Qt.


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