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QTileRules Class Reference

 #include <QTileRules>

This class was introduced in Qt 4.6.

Public Functions

QTileRules ( Qt::TileRule horizontalRule, Qt::TileRule verticalRule )
QTileRules ( Qt::TileRule rule = Qt::StretchTile )

Detailed Description

Holds the rules used to draw a pixmap or image split into nine segments, similar to CSS3 border-images.

See also Qt::TileRule and QMargins.

Member Function Documentation

QTileRules::QTileRules ( Qt::TileRule horizontalRule, Qt::TileRule verticalRule )

Constructs a QTileRules with the given horizontalRule and verticalRule.

QTileRules::QTileRules ( Qt::TileRule rule = Qt::StretchTile )

Constructs a QTileRules with the given rule used for both the horizontal rule and the vertical rule.


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