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         <album id="1" >
             <track number="01" >Humming one of your songs</track>
             <track number="02" >Are they saying goodbye</track>
             <track number="03" >On off</track>
             <track number="04" >I shot my heart</track>
             <track number="05" >Drowning in Those Eyes</track>
             <track number="06" >So you did it again</track>
             <track number="07" >One more time</track>
             <track number="08" >Headphone silence</track>
             <track number="09" >What I want</track>
             <track number="10" >Sleeping by the Fyris River</track>
             <track number="11" >Wooden Body</track>
             <track number="12" >Humming one of your songs (encore)</track>
         <album id="2" >
             <track number="01" >To let myself go</track>
             <track number="02" >Rubber and Soul</track>
             <track number="03" >Balloon ranger</track>
             <track number="04" >My lover will go</track>
             <track number="05" >Temporary dive</track>
             <track number="06" >Laid in earth</track>
             <track number="07" >This voice</track>
             <track number="08" >Where friend rhymes with end</track>
             <track number="09" >Song No.6 feat Ron Sexsmith</track>
             <track number="10" >The Fight Song</track>
         <album id="3" >
             <track number="01" >From Grace</track>
             <track number="02" >All's not last</track>
             <track number="03" >That Great October Sound</track>
             <track number="04" >Life Here Is Gold</track>
             <track number="05" >Tomorrow Stays The Same</track>
             <track number="06" >Postulate</track>
             <track number="07" >Adelaide</track>
             <track number="08" >John Wayne</track>
             <track number="09" >Love's Lost</track>
             <track number="10" >Dreamweaver</track>
             <track number="11" >Outro</track>
         <album id="4" >
             <track number="01" >Rain down on me</track>
             <track number="02" >Cecilia</track>
             <track number="03" >Make a mess of yourself</track>
             <track number="04" >Pale green eyes</track>
             <track number="05" >Either way I'm gone</track>
             <track number="06" >Honey</track>
             <track number="07" >Rise in shame</track>
             <track number="08" >Stray dogs</track>
             <track number="09" >The willow</track>
             <track number="10" >Stay home</track>
             <track number="11" >Outro</track>
         <album id="5" >
         <album id="6" >
             <track number="01" >Kontroll på kontinentet</track>
             <track number="02" >Ompa til du dør</track>
             <track number="03" >Bøn fra helvete</track>
             <track number="04" >170</track>
             <track number="05" >Rullett</track>
             <track number="06" >Dr. Mowinckel</track>
             <track number="07" >Fra sjåfør til passasjer</track>
             <track number="08" >Resistansen</track>
             <track number="09" >Dekk bord</track>
             <track number="10" >Bak et halleluja</track>
             <track number="11" >Bris</track>
             <track number="12" >Mr. Kaizer, hans Constanze og meg</track>
         <album id="7" >
             <track number="01" >Di grind</track>
             <track number="02" >Hevnervals</track>
             <track number="03" >Evig pint</track>
             <track number="04" >De involverte</track>
             <track number="05" >Djevelens orkester</track>
             <track number="06" >Container</track>
             <track number="07" >Naade</track>
             <track number="08" >Min kvite russer</track>
             <track number="09" >Veterans klage</track>
             <track number="10" >Til depotet</track>
             <track number="11" >Salt og pepper</track>
             <track number="12" >Drøm Hardt (Requiem Part I)</track>
         <album id="8" >
             <track number="01" >KGB</track>
             <track number="02" >Maestro</track>
             <track number="03" >Knekker deg til sist</track>
             <track number="04" >Senor Flamingos Adieu</track>
             <track number="05" >Blitzregn baby</track>
             <track number="06" >Dieter Meyers Inst.</track>
             <track number="07" >Christiania</track>
             <track number="08" >Delikatessen</track>
             <track number="09" >Jævel av en tango</track>
             <track number="10" >Papa har lov</track>
             <track number="11" >Auksjon (i Dieter Meyers hall)</track>
             <track number="12" >PÃ¥ ditt skift</track>

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