Qt Reference Documentation

Qt API's for other technologies

These pages document Qt's API's for some widely-used standards and technologies.


How to make your applications accessible to those with disabilities.

Drag and Drop

An overview of the drag and drop system provided by Qt.

Generic Containers

Qt's template-based container classes.

Gestures Programming

An overview of Qt support for Gesture programming.

Inter-Process Communication in Qt

Inter-Process communication in Qt applications.

Introduction to D-Bus

An introduction to Inter-Process Communication and Remote Procedure Calling with D-Bus.

Phonon multimedia framework

Using the Phonon multimedia framework in Qt.

Qt For ActiveX

Qt API's for using ActiveX controls, servers, and COM.

QtWebKit Module

The QtWebKit module provides a web browser engine as well as classes to render and interact with web content.

Unicode in Qt

Information about support for Unicode in Qt.

Using QtDBus Adaptors

How to create and use DBus adaptors in Qt.

Using SQL in Qt

Qt API's for using SQL.


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