Platform-Specific Documentation

These documents describe platform-specific features provided by Qt, and discuss issues related to particular platforms and environments.

ActiveX in Qt

Qt API's for using ActiveX controls, servers, and COM

Calling Qt Functions From Unix Signal Handlers

You can't. But don't despair, there is a way...

Developing Qt Applications for Mac OS X

Information for developing Qt applications for Mac OS X

Known Issues

Links to online resources stating known issues in this Qt version at the time of release.

Platform and Compiler Notes

Information about the platforms on which Qt can be used.

Platform and Compiler Notes - Symbian

Information about the state of support for the Symbian platform.

Qt for Embedded Linux Classes

Classes that are specific to Qt for Embedded Linux

Qt for Embedded Platforms

Documents related to Qt for Embedded Platforms

Qt for Mac OS X - Specific Issues

A description of issues with Qt that are specific to Mac OS X.

Qt is Mac OS X Native

An explanation of Qt's native features on Mac OS X.

Support for Embedded Linux

Platform support for Embedded Linux.

Support for Linux/X11

Platform support for Linux/X11.

Support for Mac OS X

Platform support for Mac OS X.

Support for Windows

Platform support for Windows.

Supported Platforms

The platforms supported by The Qt Company for Qt.

The qtmain Library

Describes the use and license of the qtmain helper library.

Window System Specific Notes

Collections of notes about Qt implementations on different window systems.

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