Q3CanvasLine Class

The Q3CanvasLine class provides a line on a Q3Canvas. More...

Header: #include <Q3CanvasLine>
Inherits: Q3CanvasPolygonalItem

Public Functions

Q3CanvasLine(Q3Canvas * canvas)
QPoint endPoint() const
void setPoints(int xa, int ya, int xb, int yb)
QPoint startPoint() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual void moveBy(double dx, double dy)
virtual int rtti() const
virtual void setPen(QPen p)

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual Q3PointArray areaPoints() const
virtual void drawShape(QPainter & p)

Detailed Description

The Q3CanvasLine class provides a line on a Q3Canvas.

The line inherits functionality from Q3CanvasPolygonalItem, for example the setPen() function. The start and end points of the line are set with setPoints().

Like any other canvas item lines can be moved with Q3CanvasItem::move() and Q3CanvasItem::moveBy(), or by setting coordinates with Q3CanvasItem::setX(), Q3CanvasItem::setY() and Q3CanvasItem::setZ().

See also QtCanvas and Porting to Graphics View.

Member Function Documentation

Q3CanvasLine::Q3CanvasLine(Q3Canvas * canvas)

Constructs a line from (0,0) to (0,0) on canvas.

See also setPoints().


Destroys the line.

[virtual protected] Q3PointArray Q3CanvasLine::areaPoints() const

Reimplemented from Q3CanvasPolygonalItem::areaPoints().

Note that the area defined by the line is somewhat thicker than the line that is actually drawn.

[virtual protected] void Q3CanvasLine::drawShape(QPainter & p)

Reimplemented from Q3CanvasPolygonalItem::drawShape().

QPoint Q3CanvasLine::endPoint() const

Returns the end point of the line.

See also setPoints() and startPoint().

[virtual] void Q3CanvasLine::moveBy(double dx, double dy)

Reimplemented from Q3CanvasItem::moveBy().

[virtual] int Q3CanvasLine::rtti() const

Reimplemented from Q3CanvasItem::rtti().

Returns 7 (Q3CanvasItem::Rtti_Line).

See also Q3CanvasItem::rtti().

[virtual] void Q3CanvasLine::setPen(QPen p)

Reimplemented from Q3CanvasPolygonalItem::setPen().

void Q3CanvasLine::setPoints(int xa, int ya, int xb, int yb)

Sets the line's start point to (xa, ya) and its end point to (xb, yb).

QPoint Q3CanvasLine::startPoint() const

Returns the start point of the line.

See also setPoints() and endPoint().

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