Q3LocalFs Class

The Q3LocalFs class is an implementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system. More...

Header: #include <Q3LocalFs>
Inherits: Q3NetworkProtocol

Public Functions

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual int supportedOperations() const

Reimplemented Protected Functions

virtual void operationGet(Q3NetworkOperation * op)
virtual void operationListChildren(Q3NetworkOperation * op)
virtual void operationMkDir(Q3NetworkOperation * op)
virtual void operationPut(Q3NetworkOperation * op)
virtual void operationRemove(Q3NetworkOperation * op)
virtual void operationRename(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The Q3LocalFs class is an implementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file system.

This class is derived from QNetworkProtocol. Q3LocalFs is not normally used directly, but rather through a QUrlOperator, for example:

Q3UrlOperator op( "file:///tmp" );
op.listChildren(); // Asks the server to provide a directory listing

This code will only work if the Q3LocalFs class is registered; to register the class, you must call qInitNetworkProtocols() before using a QUrlOperator with Q3LocalFs.

If you really need to use Q3LocalFs directly, don't forget to set its QUrlOperator with setUrl().

See also Q3NetworkProtocol and Q3UrlOperator.

Member Function Documentation



[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationGet(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationGet().

[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationListChildren(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationListChildren().

[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationMkDir(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationMkDir().

[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationPut(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationPut().

[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationRemove(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationRemove().

[virtual protected] void Q3LocalFs::operationRename(Q3NetworkOperation * op)

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::operationRename().

[virtual] int Q3LocalFs::supportedOperations() const

Reimplemented from Q3NetworkProtocol::supportedOperations().

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