Q3SqlRecordInfo Class

The Q3SqlRecordInfo class encapsulates a set of database field meta data. More...

Header: #include <Q3SqlRecordInfo>

Public Functions

Q3SqlRecordInfo(const Q3SqlFieldInfoList & other)
Q3SqlRecordInfo(const QSqlRecord & other)
size_type contains(const QString & fieldName) const
Q3SqlFieldInfo find(const QString & fieldName) const
QSqlRecord toRecord() const

Detailed Description

The Q3SqlRecordInfo class encapsulates a set of database field meta data.

This class is a list that holds a set of database field meta data. Use contains() to see if a given field name exists in the record, and use find() to get a QSqlFieldInfo record for a named field.

See also Q3SqlFieldInfo.

Member Function Documentation


Constructs an empty record info object.

Q3SqlRecordInfo::Q3SqlRecordInfo(const Q3SqlFieldInfoList & other)

Constructs a copy of other.

Q3SqlRecordInfo::Q3SqlRecordInfo(const QSqlRecord & other)

Constructs a copy of other.

size_type Q3SqlRecordInfo::contains(const QString & fieldName) const

Returns the number of times a field called fieldName occurs in the record. Returns 0 if no field by that name could be found.

Q3SqlFieldInfo Q3SqlRecordInfo::find(const QString & fieldName) const

Returns a QSqlFieldInfo object for the first field in the record which has the field name fieldName. If no matching field is found then an empty QSqlFieldInfo object is returned.

QSqlRecord Q3SqlRecordInfo::toRecord() const

Returns an empty QSqlRecord based on the field information in this Q3SqlRecordInfo.

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