Compatibility Members for QDate

The following members of class QDateare part of the Qt compatibility layer. We advise against using them in new code.

Static Public Members

QDate currentDate(Qt::TimeSpec spec)
QString dayName(int weekday)
bool leapYear(int year)
QString monthName(int month)

Member Function Documentation

[static] QDate QDate::currentDate(Qt::TimeSpec spec)

If spec is Qt::LocalTime, use the currentDate() overload that takes no parameters instead; otherwise, use QDateTime::currentDateTime().

For example, if you have code like

QDate localDate = QDate::currentDate(Qt::LocalTime);
QDate utcDate = QDate::currentDate(Qt::UTC);

you can rewrite it as

QDate localDate = QDate::currentDate();
QDate utcDate = QDateTime::currentDateTime().toUTC().date();

See also QDateTime::toUTC().

[static] QString QDate::dayName(int weekday)

Use shortDayName() instead.

[static] bool QDate::leapYear(int year)

Use isLeapYear() instead.

[static] QString QDate::monthName(int month)

Use shortMonthName() instead.

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