Obsolete Members for QFileDialog

The following members of class QFileDialog are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.


Public Functions

(obsolete) QStringList filters() const
(obsolete) void selectFilter(const QString & filter)
(obsolete) QString selectedFilter() const
(obsolete) void setFilter(const QString & filter)
(obsolete) void setFilters(const QStringList & filters)
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Property Documentation

confirmOverwrite : bool

This property holds whether the filedialog should ask before accepting a selected file, when the accept mode is AcceptSave.

Use setOption(DontConfirmOverwrite, !enabled) or !testOption(DontConfirmOverwrite) instead.

Access functions:

bool confirmOverwrite() const
void setConfirmOverwrite(bool enabled)

nameFilterDetailsVisible : bool

This property holds this property holds whether the filter details is shown or not.

When this property is true (the default), the filter details are shown in the combo box. When the property is set to false, these are hidden.

Use setOption(HideNameFilterDetails, !enabled) or !testOption(HideNameFilterDetails).

This property was introduced in Qt 4.4.

Access functions:

readOnly : bool

This property holds whether the filedialog is read-only.

If this property is set to false, the file dialog will allow renaming, and deleting of files and directories and creating directories.

Use setOption(ReadOnly, enabled) or testOption(ReadOnly) instead.

Access functions:

bool isReadOnly() const
void setReadOnly(bool enabled)

This property holds whether the filedialog should resolve shortcuts.

If this property is set to true, the file dialog will resolve shortcuts or symbolic links.

Use setOption(DontResolveSymlinks, !enabled) or !testOption(DontResolveSymlinks).

Access functions:

bool resolveSymlinks() const
void setResolveSymlinks(bool enabled)

Member Function Documentation

QStringList QFileDialog::filters() const

Use nameFilters() instead.

See also setFilters().

void QFileDialog::selectFilter(const QString & filter)

Use selectNameFilter() instead.

QString QFileDialog::selectedFilter() const

Use selectedNameFilter() instead.

void QFileDialog::setFilter(const QString & filter)

Use setNameFilter() instead.

void QFileDialog::setFilters(const QStringList & filters)

Use setNameFilters() instead.

See also filters().

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