QFontEnginePlugin Class

The QFontEnginePlugin class is the base class for font engine factory plugins in Qt for Embedded Linux. More...

Header: #include <QFontEnginePlugin>
Since: Qt 4.3
Inherits: QObject

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Public Functions

QFontEnginePlugin(const QString & foundry, QObject * parent = 0)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QList<QFontEngineInfo> availableFontEngines() const = 0
virtual QAbstractFontEngine * create(const QFontEngineInfo & info) = 0
virtual QStringList keys() const
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Detailed Description

The QFontEnginePlugin class is the base class for font engine factory plugins in Qt for Embedded Linux.

QFontEnginePlugin is provided by font engine plugins to create instances of subclasses of QAbstractFontEngine.

The member functions create() and availableFontEngines() must be implemented.

See also QAbstractFontEngine and QFontEngineInfo.

Member Function Documentation

QFontEnginePlugin::QFontEnginePlugin(const QString & foundry, QObject * parent = 0)

Creates a font engine plugin that creates font engines with the specified foundry and parent.


Destroys this font engine plugin.

[pure virtual] QList<QFontEngineInfo> QFontEnginePlugin::availableFontEngines() const

Implemented in subclasses to return a list of QFontEngineInfo objects that represents all font engines the plugin can create.

[pure virtual] QAbstractFontEngine * QFontEnginePlugin::create(const QFontEngineInfo & info)

Implemented in subclasses to create a new font engine that provides a font that matches info.

[virtual] QStringList QFontEnginePlugin::keys() const

Returns a list of foundries the font engine plugin provides. The default implementation returns the foundry specified with the constructor.

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