Obsolete Members for QMacStyle

The following members of class QMacStyle are obsolete. They are provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using them in new code.

Static Public Members

(obsolete) FocusRectPolicy focusRectPolicy(const QWidget * w)
(obsolete) void setFocusRectPolicy(QWidget * w, FocusRectPolicy policy)
(obsolete) void setWidgetSizePolicy(const QWidget * widget, WidgetSizePolicy policy)
(obsolete) WidgetSizePolicy widgetSizePolicy(const QWidget * widget)

Member Function Documentation

[static] FocusRectPolicy QMacStyle::focusRectPolicy(const QWidget * w)

Returns the focus rectangle policy for the widget w.

The focus rectangle policy can be one of QMacStyle::FocusRectPolicy.

In 4.3 and up this function will simply test for the Qt::WA_MacShowFocusRect attribute and will never return QMacStyle::FocusDefault.

See also setFocusRectPolicy() and QWidget::testAttribute().

[static] void QMacStyle::setFocusRectPolicy(QWidget * w, FocusRectPolicy policy)

Sets the focus rectangle policy of w. The policy can be one of QMacStyle::FocusRectPolicy.

This is now simply an interface to the Qt::WA_MacShowFocusRect attribute and the FocusDefault value does nothing anymore. If you want to set a widget back to its default value, you must save the old value of the attribute before you change it.

See also focusRectPolicy() and QWidget::setAttribute().

[static] void QMacStyle::setWidgetSizePolicy(const QWidget * widget, WidgetSizePolicy policy)

Call QWidget::setAttribute() with Qt::WA_MacMiniSize, Qt::WA_MacSmallSize, or Qt::WA_MacNormalSize instead.

See also widgetSizePolicy().

[static] WidgetSizePolicy QMacStyle::widgetSizePolicy(const QWidget * widget)

Call QWidget::testAttribute() with Qt::WA_MacMiniSize, Qt::WA_MacSmallSize, or Qt::WA_MacNormalSize instead.

See also setWidgetSizePolicy().

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