objectlistmodel.pro Example File

# Add more folders to ship with the application, here
folder_01.source = qml/objectlistmodel
folder_01.target = qml

# Additional import path used to resolve QML modules in Creator's code model

symbian:TARGET.UID3 = 0xE6A5F859

# Smart Installer package's UID
# This UID is from the protected range and therefore the package will
# fail to install if self-signed. By default qmake uses the unprotected
# range value if unprotected UID is defined for the application and
# 0x2002CCCF value if protected UID is given to the application
#symbian:DEPLOYMENT.installer_header = 0x2002CCCF

# Allow network access on Symbian
symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY += NetworkServices

# If your application uses the Qt Mobility libraries, uncomment the following
# lines and add the respective components to the MOBILITY variable.
# CONFIG += mobility

# Speed up launching on MeeGo/Harmattan when using applauncherd daemon
# CONFIG += qdeclarative-boostable

# Add dependency to Symbian components
# CONFIG += qt-components

# input
SOURCES += main.cpp \
HEADERS += dataobject.h

# Please do not modify the following two lines. Required for deployment.

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