Compatibility Members for QTextEdit

The following members of class QTextEditare part of the Qt compatibility layer. We advise against using them in new code.

Public Types

enum CursorAction { MoveBackward, MoveForward, MoveWordBackward, MoveWordForward, ..., MovePageDown }
enum KeyboardAction { ActionBackspace, ActionDelete, ActionReturn, ActionKill, ActionWordBackspace, ActionWordDelete }

Public Functions

QTextEdit(QWidget * parent, const char * name)
bool bold() const
QColor color() const
void doKeyboardAction(KeyboardAction action)
QString family() const
bool find(const QString & exp, bool cs, bool wo)
bool hasSelectedText() const
void insert(const QString & text)
bool isModified() const
bool isRedoAvailable() const
bool isUndoAvailable() const
bool italic() const
void moveCursor(CursorAction action, QTextCursor::MoveMode mode = QTextCursor::MoveAnchor)
void moveCursor(CursorAction action, bool select)
int pointSize() const
void redo() const
QString selectedText() const
void setBold(bool b)
void setFamily(const QString & family)
void setItalic(bool i)
void setPointSize(int size)
void setTextFormat(Qt::TextFormat f)
void setUnderline(bool b)
void sync()
QString text() const
Qt::TextFormat textFormat() const
bool underline() const
void undo() const
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Public Slots

void setColor(const QColor & color)
void setModified(bool m = true)
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void currentColorChanged(const QColor & color)
void currentFontChanged(const QFont & font)

Member Type Documentation

enum QTextEdit::CursorAction


enum QTextEdit::KeyboardAction


Member Function Documentation

QTextEdit::QTextEdit(QWidget * parent, const char * name)

Use one of the constructors that doesn't take the name argument and then use setObjectName() instead.

bool QTextEdit::bold() const

Use fontWeight() >= QFont::Bold instead.

See also setBold().

QColor QTextEdit::color() const

Use textColor() instead.

See also setColor().

[signal] void QTextEdit::currentColorChanged(const QColor & color)

Use currentCharFormatChanged() instead.

[signal] void QTextEdit::currentFontChanged(const QFont & font)

Use currentCharFormatChanged() instead.

void QTextEdit::doKeyboardAction(KeyboardAction action)

Executes keyboard action action.

Use the QTextCursor class instead.

See also textCursor().

QString QTextEdit::family() const

Use fontFamily() instead.

See also setFamily().

bool QTextEdit::find(const QString & exp, bool cs, bool wo)

Use the find() overload that takes a QTextDocument::FindFlags argument.

bool QTextEdit::hasSelectedText() const

Use textCursor().hasSelection() instead.

void QTextEdit::insert(const QString & text)

Use insertPlainText() instead.

bool QTextEdit::isModified() const

Use document()->isModified() instead.

bool QTextEdit::isRedoAvailable() const

Use document()->isRedoAvailable() instead.

bool QTextEdit::isUndoAvailable() const

Use document()->isUndoAvailable() instead.

bool QTextEdit::italic() const

Use fontItalic() instead.

See also setItalic().

void QTextEdit::moveCursor(CursorAction action, QTextCursor::MoveMode mode = QTextCursor::MoveAnchor)

Use the QTextCursor class instead.

void QTextEdit::moveCursor(CursorAction action, bool select)

Use the QTextCursor class instead.

int QTextEdit::pointSize() const

Use int(fontPointSize()+0.5) instead.

See also setPointSize().

void QTextEdit::redo() const

This is an overloaded function.

Use the non-const overload instead.

QString QTextEdit::selectedText() const

Use textCursor().selectedText() instead.

void QTextEdit::setBold(bool b)

Use setFontWeight() instead.

See also bold().

[slot] void QTextEdit::setColor(const QColor & color)

Use setTextColor() instead.

See also color().

void QTextEdit::setFamily(const QString & family)

Use setFontFamily() instead.

See also family().

void QTextEdit::setItalic(bool i)

Use setFontItalic() instead.

See also italic().

[slot] void QTextEdit::setModified(bool m = true)

Use document->setModified() instead.

See also isModified().

void QTextEdit::setPointSize(int size)

Use setFontPointSize() instead.

See also pointSize().

void QTextEdit::setTextFormat(Qt::TextFormat f)

Sets the text format to format f.

See also textFormat().

void QTextEdit::setUnderline(bool b)

Use setFontUnderline() instead.

See also underline().

void QTextEdit::sync()

Does nothing.

QString QTextEdit::text() const

Returns all the text in the text edit as plain text.

See also setText().

Qt::TextFormat QTextEdit::textFormat() const

Returns the text format.

See also setTextFormat().

bool QTextEdit::underline() const

Use fontUnderline() instead.

See also setUnderline().

void QTextEdit::undo() const

This is an overloaded function.

Use the non-const overload instead.

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