Compatibility Members for QToolBox

The following members of class QToolBoxare part of the Qt compatibility layer. We advise against using them in new code.

Public Functions

QToolBox(QWidget * parent, const char * name, Qt::WindowFlags f = 0)
QWidget * currentItem() const
QWidget * item(int index) const
QIcon itemIconSet(int index) const
QString itemLabel(int index) const
int margin() const
int removeItem(QWidget * widget)
void setCurrentItem(QWidget * widget)
void setItemIconSet(int index, const QIcon & icon)
void setItemLabel(int index, const QString & text)
void setMargin(int margin)
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Member Function Documentation

QToolBox::QToolBox(QWidget * parent, const char * name, Qt::WindowFlags f = 0)

Constructs a toolbox called name with parent parent and flags f.

QWidget * QToolBox::currentItem() const

Use widget(currentIndex()) instead.

See also setCurrentItem().

QWidget * QToolBox::item(int index) const

Use widget() instead.

QIcon QToolBox::itemIconSet(int index) const

Use itemIcon() instead.

See also setItemIconSet().

QString QToolBox::itemLabel(int index) const

Use itemText() instead.

See also setItemLabel().

int QToolBox::margin() const

Returns the width of the margin around the contents of the widget.

Use QWidget::getContentsMargins() instead.

See also setMargin() and QWidget::getContentsMargins().

int QToolBox::removeItem(QWidget * widget)

Use toolbox->removeItem(toolbox->indexOf(widget)) instead.

void QToolBox::setCurrentItem(QWidget * widget)

Use setCurrentIndex(indexOf(widget)) instead.

See also currentItem().

void QToolBox::setItemIconSet(int index, const QIcon & icon)

Use setItemIcon() instead.

See also itemIconSet().

void QToolBox::setItemLabel(int index, const QString & text)

Use setItemText() instead.

See also itemLabel().

void QToolBox::setMargin(int margin)

Sets the width of the margin around the contents of the widget to margin.

Use QWidget::setContentsMargins() instead.

See also margin() and QWidget::setContentsMargins().

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