LoggingCategory QML Type

Defines a logging category in QML More...

Import Statement: import QtQml 2.2
Since: Qt 5.8


Detailed Description

A logging category can be passed to console.log() and friends as the first argument. If supplied to to the logger the LoggingCategory's name will be used as Logging Category otherwise the default logging category will be used.

import QtQuick 2.8

Item {
    LoggingCategory {
        id: category
        name: "com.qt.category"

    Component.onCompleted: {
      console.log(category, "message");

Note: As the creation of objects is expensive, it is encouraged to put the needed LoggingCategory definitions into a singleton and import this where needed.

See also QLoggingCategory.

Property Documentation

name : string

Holds the name of the logging category.

Note: This property needs to be set when declaring the LoggingCategory and cannot be changed later.

See also QLoggingCategory::categoryName().

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