Qt3DAnimation Namespace

Contains classes from the Qt3DAnimation module. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DAnimation>
qmake: QT += 3danimation



Detailed Description

Contains classes from the Qt3DAnimation module.


class QAbstractAnimation

An abstract base class for Qt3D animations More...

class QAbstractAnimationClip

QAbstractAnimationClip is the base class for types providing key frame animation data. More...

class QAbstractChannelMapping

class QAbstractClipAnimator

QAbstractClipAnimator is the base class for types providing animation playback capabilities. More...

class QAbstractClipBlendNode

QAbstractClipBlendNode is the base class for types used to construct animation blend trees. More...

class QAdditiveClipBlend

Performs an additive blend of two animation clips based on an additive factor. More...

class QAnimationAspect

Provides key-frame animation capabilities to Qt 3D. More...

class QAnimationCallback

class QAnimationClip

class QAnimationClipData

class QAnimationClipLoader

class QAnimationController

A controller class for animations More...

class QAnimationGroup

A class grouping animations together More...

class QBlendedClipAnimator

QBlendedClipAnimator is a component providing animation playback capabilities of a tree of blend nodes. More...

class QCallbackMapping

class QChannel

class QChannelComponent

class QChannelMapper

class QChannelMapping

class QClipAnimator

QClipAnimator is a component providing simple animation playback capabilities. More...

class QClipBlendNodeCreatedChange

class QClipBlendNodeCreatedChangeBase

class QClipBlendValue

class QClock

class QKeyFrame

class QKeyframeAnimation

A class implementing simple keyframe animation to a QTransform More...

class QLerpClipBlend

Performs a linear interpolation of two animation clips based on a normalized factor More...

class QMorphTarget

A class providing morph targets to blend-shape animation More...

class QMorphingAnimation

A class implementing blend-shape morphing animation More...

class QSkeletonMapping

class QVertexBlendAnimation

A class implementing vertex-blend morphing animation More...

Type Documentation

typedef Qt3DAnimation::QClipBlendNodeCreatedChangeBasePtr

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