QKeyEvent Class


QKeyEvent event type send by KeyBoardHandler. More...

Header: #include <QKeyEvent>
qmake: QT += 3dinput
Since: Qt 5.5
Instantiated By: KeyEvent
Inherits: QObject


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Public Functions

QKeyEvent(QEvent::Type type, int key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers, const QString &text = QString(), bool autorep = false, ushort count = 1)
QKeyEvent(const QKeyEvent &ke)
int count() const
bool isAccepted() const
bool isAutoRepeat() const
int key() const
bool matches(QKeySequence::StandardKey key_) const
int modifiers() const
quint32 nativeScanCode() const
void setAccepted(bool accepted)
QString text() const
QEvent::Type type() const
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typedef QKeyEventPtr

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Detailed Description

QKeyEvent event type send by KeyBoardHandler.

Contains parameters that describe a key event

Property Documentation

accepted : bool

Setting accepted to true prevents the key event from being propagated to the item's parent.

Generally, if the item acts on the key event then it should be accepted so that ancestor items do not also respond to the same event.

Access functions:

bool isAccepted() const
void setAccepted(bool accepted)

count : const int

Holds the number of keys involved in this event. If text is not empty, this is simply the length of the string.

Access functions:

int count() const

isAutoRepeat : const bool

Holds whether this event comes from an auto-repeating key.

Access functions:

bool isAutoRepeat() const

key : const int

This property holds the code of the key that was pressed or released.

See Qt.Key for the list of keyboard codes.

Access functions:

int key() const

See also QKeyEvent::key.

modifiers : const int

This property holds the keyboard modifier flags that existed immediately before the event occurred.

Access functions:

int modifiers() const

See also QKeyEvent::modifiers.

nativeScanCode : const quint32

This property contains the native scan code of the key that was pressed. It is passed through from QKeyEvent unchanged.

Access functions:

quint32 nativeScanCode() const

text : const QString

This property holds the Unicode text that the key generated. The text returned can be an empty string in cases where modifier keys, such as Shift, Control, Alt, and Meta, are being pressed or released. In such cases key will contain a valid value.

Access functions:

QString text() const

Member Function Documentation

QKeyEvent::QKeyEvent(QEvent::Type type, int key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers, const QString &text = QString(), bool autorep = false, ushort count = 1)

Default constructs an instance of QKeyEvent.

QKeyEvent::QKeyEvent(const QKeyEvent &ke)

Copy constructor.

bool QKeyEvent::matches(QKeySequence::StandardKey key_) const

Returns true if the key event matches the given standard key key_; otherwise returns false.

See also QKeySequence::StandardKey.

QEvent::Type QKeyEvent::type() const

Returns the type of event

Related Non-Members

typedef Qt3DInput::QKeyEventPtr

A shared pointer for QKeyEvent.

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