New Classes and Functions in Qt 5.4

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.4. Links to new APIs in previous Qt 5 releases are found at the bottom of this page.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QBluetoothDeviceInfo:

coreConfigurations() const
setCoreConfigurations(QBluetoothDeviceInfo::CoreConfigurations coreConfigs)

Class QBluetoothUuid:

characteristicToString(QBluetoothUuid::CharacteristicType uuid)
descriptorToString(QBluetoothUuid::DescriptorType uuid)
protocolToString(QBluetoothUuid::ProtocolUuid uuid)

Class QBluetoothTransferReply:

error(QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError errorType)

Class QDebug:

Class QAbstractProxyModel:

virtual canDropMimeData(const QMimeData *data, Qt::DropAction action, int row, int column, const QModelIndex &parent) const override
virtual dropMimeData(const QMimeData *data, Qt::DropAction action, int row, int column, const QModelIndex &parent) override

Class QAbstractState:

activeChanged(bool active)

Class QAbstractTransition:

Class QHistoryState:

Class QSignalTransition:

Class QState:

Class QStateMachine:

runningChanged(bool running)

Class QTimer:

singleShot(int msec, Functor functor)
singleShot(int msec, Qt::TimerType timerType, Functor functor)
singleShot(int msec, Qt::TimerType timerType, const QObject *context, Functor functor)
singleShot(int msec, Qt::TimerType timerType, const QObject *receiver, PointerToMemberFunction method)
singleShot(int msec, const QObject *context, Functor functor)
singleShot(int msec, const QObject *receiver, PointerToMemberFunction method)

Class QUrl:

fromUserInput(const QString &userInput, const QString &workingDirectory, QUrl::UserInputResolutionOptions options)

Class QByteArray:

fromStdString(const std::string &str)
toStdString() const

Class QCommandLineParser:

addOptions(const QList<QCommandLineOption> &options)

Class QEnableSharedFromThis:

Class QRegularExpression:

optimize() const

Class QString:

splitRef(QChar sep, QString::SplitBehavior behavior, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const
splitRef(const QRegExp &rx, QString::SplitBehavior behavior) const
splitRef(const QRegularExpression &re, QString::SplitBehavior behavior) const
splitRef(const QString &sep, QString::SplitBehavior behavior, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QStringRef:

begin() const
cbegin() const
cend() const
end() const
split(QChar sep, QString::SplitBehavior behavior, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const
split(const QString &sep, QString::SplitBehavior behavior, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QStringList:

operator<<(const QList<QString> &other)
operator=(QList<QString> &&other)
operator=(const QList<QString> &other)

Class QVector:

removeAll(const T &t)
removeOne(const T &t)

Class QWeakPointer:

lock() const
swap(QWeakPointer<T> &other)

Class QSysInfo:

Class QGuiApplication:

paletteChanged(const QPalette &palette)
screenRemoved(QScreen *screen)

Class QImageReader:

subType() const
supportedSubTypes() const

Class QImageWriter:

setSubType(const QByteArray &type)
subType() const
supportedSubTypes() const

Class QOpenGLContext:

nativeHandle() const
setNativeHandle(const QVariant &handle)

Class QSurfaceFormat:

setDefaultFormat(const QSurfaceFormat &format)

Class QOpenGLTexture:

depthStencilMode() const
setDepthStencilMode(QOpenGLTexture::DepthStencilMode mode)
target() const

Class QPlatformDrag:

virtual ownsDragObject() const

Class QPlatformWindow:

screenForGeometry(const QRect &newGeometry) const

Class QAbstractVideoBuffer:

mapPlanes(QAbstractVideoBuffer::MapMode mode, int *numBytes, int [4] bytesPerLine, uchar *[4] data)

Class QVideoFrame:

bits(int plane)
bits(int plane) const
bytesPerLine(int plane) const
planeCount() const

Class QSslCertificate:

importPkcs12(QIODevice *device, QSslKey *key, QSslCertificate *certificate, QList<QSslCertificate> *caCertificates, const QByteArray &passPhrase)
isSelfSigned() const

Class QSslConfiguration:

sessionProtocol() const

Class QSslSocket:

Class QPrinterInfo:

Class QQuickWindow:

scheduleRenderJob(QRunnable *job, QQuickWindow::RenderStage stage)

Class QSGSimpleTextureNode:

ownsTexture() const
setOwnsTexture(bool owns)

Class QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent:

flags() const
source() const

Class QX11Info:

setNextStartupId(const QByteArray &id)

Class QWinThumbnailToolBar:

Class QXmlSchema:

operator=(const QXmlSchema &other)

New Functions in Namespaces

run(QThreadPool *pool, Function function, ...)

New Global Functions

qFormatLogMessage(QtMsgType type, const QMessageLogContext &context, const QString &str)
qHash(const QSslError &key, uint seed)
qHash(const QSslCertificate &key, uint seed)
qHashBits(const void *p, size_t len, uint seed)
qNextPowerOfTwo(quint64 value)
qNextPowerOfTwo(qint64 value)
qNextPowerOfTwo(quint32 value)
qNextPowerOfTwo(qint32 value)

New Macros

Q_LOGGING_CATEGORY(name, string, msgType)
qUtf8Printable(const QString &str)

New Enum Types

enum CoreConfiguration { UnknownCoreConfiguration, LowEnergyCoreConfiguration, BaseRateCoreConfiguration, BaseRateAndLowEnergyCoreConfiguration }
enum CharacteristicType { DeviceName, Appearance, PeripheralPrivacyFlag, ReconnectionAddress, ..., BarometricPressureTrend }
enum DescriptorType { UnknownDescriptorType, CharacteristicExtendedProperties, CharacteristicUserDescription, ClientCharacteristicConfiguration, ..., EnvironmentalSensingTriggerSetting }
enum DepthStencilMode { DepthMode, StencilMode }
enum RenderStage { BeforeSynchronizingStage, AfterSynchronizingStage, BeforeRenderingStage, AfterRenderingStage, AfterSwapStage, NoStage }
enum UserInputResolutionOption { DefaultResolution, AssumeLocalFile }

New Typedefs

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Signals

New QML Methods

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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