TextureImage QML Type

Contains a texture image. More...

Import Statement: import QtCanvas3D 1.1
Since: QtCanvas3D 1.0



  • TextureImage create()
  • int id()
  • TextureImage resize(int width, int height)

Detailed Description

An uncreatable QML type that contains a texture image created by calling TextureImageFactory::newTexImage() and settings the src of the image.

See also TextureImageFactory.

Property Documentation

errorString() : string

Contains the error string if an error happened during image creation.

height() : int

Contains the texture image height.

imageState() : TextureImageState

Contains the texture image state. It is one of TextureImage.INITIALIZED, TextureImage.LOAD_PENDING, TextureImage.LOADING, TextureImage.LOADING_FINISHED or TextureImage.LOADING_ERROR.

src() : url

Contains the url source where the image data is loaded from.

width() : int

Contains the texture image width.

Method Documentation

TextureImage create()

Returns a new texture image.

int id()

Contains the object id.

TextureImage resize(int width, int height)

Returns a copy of the texture image resized to the given width and height.

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