QNodeCommand Class


The QNodeCommand class is the base class for all CommandRequested QSceneChange events. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DCore/QNodeCommand>
qmake: QT += 3dcore
Since: Qt 5.10
Inherits: Qt3DCore::QSceneChange

Public Types

typedef CommandId

Public Functions

QNodeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)
virtual ~QNodeCommand()
Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId commandId() const
QVariant data() const
Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId inReplyTo() const
QString name() const
void setData(const QVariant &data)
void setName(const QString &name)
void setReplyToCommandId(Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId id)

Protected Functions

QNodeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNodeCommandPrivate &dd, Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)
typedef QNodeCommandPtr

Detailed Description

The QNodeCommand class is the base class for all CommandRequested QSceneChange events.

The QNodeCommand class is the base class for all QSceneChange events that have the changeType() CommandRequested.

You can subclass this to create your own node update types for communication between your QNode and QBackendNode subclasses when writing your own aspects.

Member Type Documentation

typedef QNodeCommand::CommandId

Type of the command id, defined either as quint64 or quint32 depending on the platform support.

Member Function Documentation

QNodeCommand::QNodeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)

Constructs a new QNodeCommand with id.

[protected] QNodeCommand::QNodeCommand(Qt3DCore::QNodeCommandPrivate &dd, Qt3DCore::QNodeId id)

Default constructs an instance of QNodeCommand.

[virtual] QNodeCommand::~QNodeCommand()

Destroys the instance of QNodeCommand. The destructor is virtual.

Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId QNodeCommand::commandId() const

Returns commandId.

QVariant QNodeCommand::data() const

Returns data.

See also setData().

Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId QNodeCommand::inReplyTo() const

QString QNodeCommand::name() const

Returns name.

See also setName().

void QNodeCommand::setData(const QVariant &data)

See also data().

void QNodeCommand::setName(const QString &name)

See also name().

void QNodeCommand::setReplyToCommandId(Qt3DCore::QNodeCommand::CommandId id)

Related Non-Members

typedef Qt3DCore::QNodeCommandPtr

A shared pointer for QNodeCommand.

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