FbxGeometryLoader Class


Public Functions

Qt3DRender::QGeometry *geometry() const
bool load(QIODevice *ioDev, const QString &subMesh = QString())

Protected Functions

void processMesh(int *mesh)
void processNode(int *node)
void recurseNodes()

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs an instance of FbxGeometryLoader.


Destroys the instance of FbxGeometryLoader.

Qt3DRender::QGeometry *FbxGeometryLoader::geometry() const

Gives the list of attributes that can be used to render a 3D form. Returns a pointer to the geometry object.

bool FbxGeometryLoader::load(QIODevice *ioDev, const QString &subMesh = QString())

Loads the specified subMesh using a device ioDev. Returns true on success, false otherwise.

[protected] void FbxGeometryLoader::processMesh(int *mesh)

Process all vertices of the specified mesh.

[protected] void FbxGeometryLoader::processNode(int *node)

If the parameter node has the attribute eMesh, process the Mesh. If not, process the children of that node.

[protected] void FbxGeometryLoader::recurseNodes()

Traverse the node hierarchy and process the children of each node.

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