RecipesModel.qml Example File

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import QtQuick 2.0 ListModel { ListElement { title: "Pancakes" picture: "content/pics/pancakes.jpg" ingredients: "<html> <ul> <li> 1 cup (150g) self-raising flour <li> 1 tbs caster sugar <li> 3/4 cup (185ml) milk <li> 1 egg </ul> </html>" method: "<html> <ol> <li> Sift flour and sugar together into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. <li> Beat milk and egg together, then add to dry ingredients. Beat until smooth. <li> Pour mixture into a pan on medium heat and cook until bubbles appear on the surface. <li> Turn over and cook other side until golden. </ol> </html>" } ListElement { title: "Fruit Salad" picture: "content/pics/fruit-salad.jpg" ingredients: "* Seasonal Fruit" method: "* Chop fruit and place in a bowl." } ListElement { title: "Vegetable Soup" picture: "content/pics/vegetable-soup.jpg" ingredients: "<html> <ul> <li> 1 onion <li> 1 turnip <li> 1 potato <li> 1 carrot <li> 1 head of celery <li> 1 1/2 litres of water </ul> </html>" method: "<html> <ol> <li> Chop vegetables. <li> Boil in water until vegetables soften. <li> Season with salt and pepper to taste. </ol> </html>" } ListElement { title: "Hamburger" picture: "content/pics/hamburger.jpg" ingredients: "<html> <ul> <li> 500g minced beef <li> Seasoning <li> lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese <li> 1 hamburger bun for each burger </ul> </html>" method: "<html> <ol> <li> Mix the beef, together with seasoning, in a food processor. <li> Shape the beef into burgers. <li> Grill the burgers for about 5 mins on each side (until cooked through) <li> Serve each burger on a bun with ketchup, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. </ol> </html>" } ListElement { title: "Lemonade" picture: "content/pics/lemonade.jpg" ingredients: "<html> <ul> <li> 1 cup Lemon Juice <li> 1 cup Sugar <li> 6 Cups of Water (2 cups warm water, 4 cups cold water) </ul> </html>" method: "<html> <ol> <li> Pour 2 cups of warm water into a pitcher and stir in sugar until it dissolves. <li> Pour in lemon juice, stir again, and add 4 cups of cold water. <li> Chill or serve over ice cubes. </ol> </html>" } }

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