Focus Management in Qt Quick Controls 2

Qt Quick Controls 2 follows the standard Qt Quick focus system, while also providing some added convenience. For example, the focusPolicy property can be used to control the ways in which a control receives focus.

Focus Scope Controls

Qt Quick Controls 2 offers a selection of controls that act as focus scopes:


Styled top-level window with support for a header and footer


Combined button and popup list for selecting options


Provides a window menu bar


Styled page control with support for a header and footer


Provides a background matching with the application style and theme


Base type of popup-like user interface controls


Used to select a range of values by sliding two handles along a track


Scrollable view


Allows the user to select from a set of preset values


Provides a stack-based navigation model


Enables the user to navigate pages by swiping sideways


Allows the user to switch between different views or subtasks

See also Keyboard Focus in Qt Quick.

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