QHelpFilterEngine Class

The QHelpFilterEngine class provides a filtered view of the help contents. More...

Header: #include <QHelpFilterEngine>
qmake: QT += help
Since: Qt 5.13
Inherits: QObject

This class was introduced in Qt 5.13.

Public Functions

QString activeFilter() const
QStringList availableComponents() const
QHelpFilterData filterData(const QString &filterName) const
QStringList filters() const
QMap<QString, QString> namespaceToComponent() const
QMap<QString, QVersionNumber> namespaceToVersion() const
QStringList namespacesForFilter(const QString &filterName) const
bool removeFilter(const QString &filterName)
bool setActiveFilter(const QString &filterName)
bool setFilterData(const QString &filterName, const QHelpFilterData &filterData)


void filterActivated(const QString &newFilter)

Detailed Description

The filter engine allows the management of filters associated with a QHelpEngineCore instance. The help engine internally creates an instance of the filter engine, which can be accessed by calling QHelpEngineCore::filterEngine(). Therefore, the public constructor of this class is disabled.

The filters are identified by a filter name string. Filter details are described by the QHelpFilterData class.

The filter engine allows for adding new filters and changing the existing filters' data through the setFilterData() method. An existing filter can be removed through the removeFilter() method.

Out of the registered filters one can be marked as the active one. The active filter will be used by the associated help engine for returning filtered results of many different functions, such as content, index, or search results. If no filter is marked active, the help engine returns the full results list available.

The active filter is returned by activeFilter() and it can be changed by setActiveFilter().

See also QHelpEngineCore.

Member Function Documentation

[signal] void QHelpFilterEngine::filterActivated(const QString &newFilter)

This signal is emitted when the active filter is set. newFilter specifies the name of the filter.

See also setActiveFilter().

QString QHelpFilterEngine::activeFilter() const

Returns the name of the currently active filter.

See also setActiveFilter().

QStringList QHelpFilterEngine::availableComponents() const

Returns the list of all available components defined in all registered documentation files.

QHelpFilterData QHelpFilterEngine::filterData(const QString &filterName) const

Returns the filter details associated with filterName.

See also setFilterData().

QStringList QHelpFilterEngine::filters() const

Returns the list of all filter names defined inside the filter engine.

QMap<QString, QString> QHelpFilterEngine::namespaceToComponent() const

Returns the map of all the available namespaces as keys together with their associated components as values.

QMap<QString, QVersionNumber> QHelpFilterEngine::namespaceToVersion() const

Returns the map of all the available namespaces as keys together with their associated versions as values.

QStringList QHelpFilterEngine::namespacesForFilter(const QString &filterName) const

Returns the list of all registered documentation namespaces that match the filter identified by filterName.

bool QHelpFilterEngine::removeFilter(const QString &filterName)

Removes the filter identified by filterName.

Returns true if removing the filter succeeded, otherwise returns false.

bool QHelpFilterEngine::setActiveFilter(const QString &filterName)

Changes the currently active filter to filterName.

Returns true if changing the filter succeeded, otherwise returns false.

See also activeFilter().

bool QHelpFilterEngine::setFilterData(const QString &filterName, const QHelpFilterData &filterData)

Changes the existing filter details of the filter identified by filterName to filterData. If the filter does not exist, a new filter is created.

Returns true if setting the filter succeeded, otherwise returns false.

See also filterData().

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