QAltimeterReading Class

The QAltimeterReading class holds readings from the altimeter sensor. More...

Header: #include <QAltimeterReading>
qmake: QT += sensors
Since: Qt 5.1
Inherits: QSensorReading


Public Functions

qreal altitude() const
void setAltitude(qreal altitude)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QAltimeterReading class holds readings from the altimeter sensor.

The altitude is reported in meters relative to mean sea level.

On BlackBerry, the altimeter uses a combination of pressure and location to determine the altitude, as using pressure alone would yield to inaccurate results due to changes in air pressure caused by the weather. The location information is used to compensate for the weather. This requires that the user has enabled location services in the global settings.

Property Documentation

altitude : const qreal

This property holds the altitude in meters relative to mean sea level.

Access functions:

qreal altitude() const

Member Function Documentation

void QAltimeterReading::setAltitude(qreal altitude)

Sets the altitude to altitude.

See also altitude().

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