QtPositioning QML Type

The QtPositioning global object provides useful functions for working with location-based types in QML. More...

Import Statement: import QtPositioning 5.2
Since: Qt 5.2


Detailed Description

import QtPositioning 5.2

Item {
    property variant coordinate: QtPositioning.coordinate(-27.5, 153.1)

Method Documentation

geocircle circle(coordinate center, real radius) const

Constructs a geocircle centered at center with a radius of radius meters.

geocircle circle() const

Constructs an invalid geocircle.

See also geocircle.

coordinate coordinate(real latitude, real longitue, real altitude) const

Constructs a coordinate with the specified latitude, longitude and optional altitude. Both latitude and longitude must be valid, otherwise an invalid coordinate is returned.

See also coordinate.


Constructs an invalid coordinate.

georectangle rectangle(coordinate topLeft, coordinate bottomRight) const

Constructs a georectangle with its top left corner positioned at topLeft and its bottom right corner positioned at bottomLeft.

See also georectangle.

georectangle rectangle(coordinate center, real width, real height) const

Constructs a georectangle centered at center with a width of width degrees and a hight of height degrees.

See also georectangle.

georectangle rectangle() const

Constructs an invalid georectangle.

See also georectangle.

geoshape shape() const

Constructs an invalid geoshape.

See also geoshape.

geocircle shapeToCircle(geoshape shape) const

Converts shape to a geocircle.

This QML method was introduced in Qt 5.5.

See also geocircle.

georectangle shapeToRectangle(geoshape shape) const

Converts shape to a georectangle.

This QML method was introduced in Qt 5.5.

See also georectangle.

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