QAbstractCollisionQueryService Class

Inherits: QAbstractServiceProvider
Inherited By:

Public Types

enum QueryMode { FirstHit, AllHits }

Public Functions

virtual QVector<QCollisionQueryResult> fetchAllResults() const = 0
virtual QCollisionQueryResult fetchResult(const QQueryHandle & handle) = 0
virtual QQueryHandle query(const QRay3D & ray, QueryMode mode) = 0

Protected Functions

QAbstractCollisionQueryService(const QString & description = QString())
QAbstractCollisionQueryService(QAbstractCollisionQueryServicePrivate & dd)
void addEntityHit(QCollisionQueryResult & result, const QNodeId & entity)
void setResultHandle(QCollisionQueryResult & result, const QQueryHandle & handle)

Member Type Documentation

enum QAbstractCollisionQueryService::QueryMode

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QAbstractCollisionQueryService::QAbstractCollisionQueryService(const QString & description = QString())

[protected] QAbstractCollisionQueryService::QAbstractCollisionQueryService(QAbstractCollisionQueryServicePrivate & dd)

[protected] void QAbstractCollisionQueryService::addEntityHit(QCollisionQueryResult & result, const QNodeId & entity)

[pure virtual] QVector<QCollisionQueryResult> QAbstractCollisionQueryService::fetchAllResults() const

[pure virtual] QCollisionQueryResult QAbstractCollisionQueryService::fetchResult(const QQueryHandle & handle)

[pure virtual] QQueryHandle QAbstractCollisionQueryService::query(const QRay3D & ray, QueryMode mode)

[protected] void QAbstractCollisionQueryService::setResultHandle(QCollisionQueryResult & result, const QQueryHandle & handle)

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