QAbstractTextureImage Class


Encapsulates the necessary information to create an OpenGL texture image. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractTextureImage>
qmake: QT += 3drenderer
Since: Qt 5.5
Instantiated By: AbstractTextureImage
Inherited By:


Public Functions

QAbstractTextureImage(QNode * parent = 0)
virtual ~QAbstractTextureImage()
QAbstractTextureProvider::CubeMapFace cubeMapFace() const
virtual QTextureDataFunctorPtr dataFunctor() const = 0
int layer() const
int mipmapLevel() const
void setCubeMapFace(QAbstractTextureProvider::CubeMapFace face)
void setLayer(int layer)
void setMipmapLevel(int level)
void update()


Protected Functions

void copy(const QNode * ref)

Detailed Description

Encapsulates the necessary information to create an OpenGL texture image.

QAbstractTextureImage should be used as the means of providing image data to a QAbstractTextureProvider. It contains the necessary information: mipmap level, layer, cube face load at the proper place data into an OpenGL texture.

The actual data is provided through a QTextureDataFunctor that will be executed by Aspect jobs in the backend. QAbstractTextureImage should be subclassed to provide a functor and eventual additional properties needed by the functor to load actual data.

Note: : QAbstractTextureImage should never be shared. Expect crashes, undefined behavior at best if this rule is not respected.

Property Documentation

cubeMapFace : Qt3D::QAbstractTextureProvider::CubeMapFace

Holds the cube map face of the texture image.

Note: The cube map face has a meaning only for TargetCubeMap and TargetCubeMapArray.

Access functions:

QAbstractTextureProvider::CubeMapFace cubeMapFace() const
void setCubeMapFace(QAbstractTextureProvider::CubeMapFace face)

Notifier signal:

void cubeMapFaceChanged()

layer : int

Holds the layer of the texture image.

Access functions:

int layer() const
void setLayer(int layer)

Notifier signal:

void layerChanged()

mipmapLevel : int

Holds the mipmap level of the texture image.

Access functions:

int mipmapLevel() const
void setMipmapLevel(int level)

Notifier signal:

void mipmapLevelChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractTextureImage::QAbstractTextureImage(QNode * parent = 0)

Constructs a new Qt3D::QAbstractTextureImage instance with parent as parent.

[virtual] QAbstractTextureImage::~QAbstractTextureImage()

The destructor.

[protected] void QAbstractTextureImage::copy(const QNode * ref)

Copies ref into this object.

[pure virtual] QTextureDataFunctorPtr QAbstractTextureImage::dataFunctor() const

void QAbstractTextureImage::update()

Triggers an update of the data functor that is sent to the backend.

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