QChangeArbiter Class


Acts as a message router between observables and observers. More...

Header: #include <QChangeArbiter>
qmake: QT += 3dcore
Since: Qt 5.5
Inherits: QObject and QAbstractArbiter

Public Functions

QChangeArbiter(QObject * parent = 0)
void initialize(Qt3D::QAbstractAspectJobManager * jobManager)
void registerObserver(QObserverInterface * observer, const QNodeId & nodeId, ChangeFlags changeFlags = AllChanges)
void registerSceneObserver(QSceneObserverInterface * observer)
QScene * scene() const
void setPostman(Qt3D::QAbstractPostman * postman)
void setScene(Qt3D::QScene * scene)
void syncChanges()
void unregisterObserver(QObserverInterface * observer, const QNodeId & nodeId)
void unregisterSceneObserver(QSceneObserverInterface * observer)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual QAbstractPostman * postman() const
virtual void sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & e)
virtual void sceneChangeEventWithLock(const QSceneChangePtr & e)
virtual void sceneChangeEventWithLock(const QSceneChangeList & e)

Static Public Members

void createThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)
void createUnmanagedThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)
void destroyThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)
void destroyUnmanagedThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)
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Protected Types

typedef QChangeQueue
typedef QObserverList
typedef QObserverPair

Protected Functions

void appendChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)
void appendLockingChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)
void distributeQueueChanges(QChangeQueue * queue)
void removeChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)
void removeLockingChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)
QThreadStorage<QChangeQueue *> * tlsChangeQueue()
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Acts as a message router between observables and observers.

Observables can be of two types: QNode observables and QObservableInterfaces. QNode notifications are sent from the frontend QNode and delivered to the backend observers. QObservableInterface notifications are sent from backend nodes to backend observers and/or to the registered QPostman, which in turn delivers the notifications to the target frontend QNode.

QNode observables are registered automatically. However, QObservableInterface object have to be registered manually by providing the QNodeId of the corresponding frontend QNode.

Observers can be registered to receive messages from a QObservableInterface/QNode observable by providing a QNode NodeUuid. When a notification from a QObservableInterface is received, it is then sent to all observers observing the QNode NodeUuid as well as the QPostman to update the frontend QNode.

Member Type Documentation

typedef QChangeArbiter::QChangeQueue

typedef QChangeArbiter::QObserverList

typedef QChangeArbiter::QObserverPair

Member Function Documentation

QChangeArbiter::QChangeArbiter(QObject * parent = 0)


[protected] void QChangeArbiter::appendChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)

[protected] void QChangeArbiter::appendLockingChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)

[static] void QChangeArbiter::createThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)

[static] void QChangeArbiter::createUnmanagedThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)

[static] void QChangeArbiter::destroyThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)

[static] void QChangeArbiter::destroyUnmanagedThreadLocalChangeQueue(void * changeArbiter)

[protected] void QChangeArbiter::distributeQueueChanges(QChangeQueue * queue)

void QChangeArbiter::initialize(Qt3D::QAbstractAspectJobManager * jobManager)

[virtual] QAbstractPostman * QChangeArbiter::postman() const

See also setPostman().

void QChangeArbiter::registerObserver(QObserverInterface * observer, const QNodeId & nodeId, ChangeFlags changeFlags = AllChanges)

void QChangeArbiter::registerSceneObserver(QSceneObserverInterface * observer)

[protected] void QChangeArbiter::removeChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)

[protected] void QChangeArbiter::removeLockingChangeQueue(QChangeQueue * queue)

QScene * QChangeArbiter::scene() const

See also setScene().

[virtual] void QChangeArbiter::sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & e)

[virtual] void QChangeArbiter::sceneChangeEventWithLock(const QSceneChangePtr & e)

[virtual] void QChangeArbiter::sceneChangeEventWithLock(const QSceneChangeList & e)

void QChangeArbiter::setPostman(Qt3D::QAbstractPostman * postman)

See also postman().

void QChangeArbiter::setScene(Qt3D::QScene * scene)

See also scene().

void QChangeArbiter::syncChanges()

[protected] QThreadStorage<QChangeQueue *> * QChangeArbiter::tlsChangeQueue()

void QChangeArbiter::unregisterObserver(QObserverInterface * observer, const QNodeId & nodeId)

void QChangeArbiter::unregisterSceneObserver(QSceneObserverInterface * observer)

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