QFrameGraphNode Class


Base class of all FrameGraph configuration nodes. More...

Header: #include <QFrameGraphNode>
qmake: QT += 3drenderer
Since: Qt 5.5
Inherited By:

Qt3D::QFrameGraphSelector, Qt3D::QLayerFilter, and Qt3D::QStateSet


Public Functions

QFrameGraphNode(QNode * parent = 0)
bool isEnabled() const
QFrameGraphNode * parentFrameGraphNode() const
void setEnabled(bool enabled)


Detailed Description

Base class of all FrameGraph configuration nodes.

This is an abstract class so it cannot be instanced directly but rather through one of its subclasses.

Property Documentation

enabled : bool

Holds whether the frame graph node is enabled or disabled.

Access functions:

bool isEnabled() const
void setEnabled(bool enabled)

Notifier signal:

void enabledChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QFrameGraphNode::QFrameGraphNode(QNode * parent = 0)

The constructor creates an instance with the specified parent.


QFrameGraphNode * QFrameGraphNode::parentFrameGraphNode() const

Returns a pointer to the parent.

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