QKeyboardInput Class

Header: #include <QKeyboardInput>
Since: Qt 5.5
Instantiated By: KeyboardInput


Public Functions

QKeyboardInput(QNode * parent = 0)
QKeyboardController * controller() const
bool focus() const
void setController(QKeyboardController * controller)
void setFocus(bool focus)


void asteriskPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void backPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void backtabPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void callPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void cancelPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void context1Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void context2Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void context3Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void context4Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void controllerChanged()
void deletePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit0Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit1Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit2Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit3Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit4Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit5Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit6Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit7Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit8Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void digit9Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void downPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void enterPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void escapePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void flipPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void focusChanged()
void hangupPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void leftPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void menuPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void noPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void numberSignPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void released(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void returnPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void rightPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void selectPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void spacePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void tabPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void upPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void volumeDownPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void volumeUpPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void yesPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

Protected Functions

void copy(const QNode * ref)
void keyEvent(Q3DKeyEvent * event)
void sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & change)

Detailed Description

Property Documentation

controller : Qt3D::QKeyboardController *

Access functions:

QKeyboardController * controller() const
void setController(QKeyboardController * controller)

Notifier signal:

void controllerChanged()

focus : bool

Access functions:

bool focus() const
void setFocus(bool focus)

Notifier signal:

void focusChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QKeyboardInput::QKeyboardInput(QNode * parent = 0)

Constructs a new QKeyboardInput instance with parent parent.


[signal] void QKeyboardInput::asteriskPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::backPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::backtabPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::callPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::cancelPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::context1Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::context2Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::context3Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::context4Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

QKeyboardController * QKeyboardInput::controller() const

\returnsthe current keyboard controller.

Note: Getter function for property controller.

See also setController().

[protected] void QKeyboardInput::copy(const QNode * ref)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::deletePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit0Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit1Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit2Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit3Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit4Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit5Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit6Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit7Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit8Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::digit9Pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::downPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::enterPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::escapePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::flipPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

bool QKeyboardInput::focus() const

\returnsthe current focus.

Note: Getter function for property focus.

See also setFocus().

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::hangupPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[protected] void QKeyboardInput::keyEvent(Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::leftPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::noPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::numberSignPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::pressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::released(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::returnPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::rightPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[protected] void QKeyboardInput::sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & change)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::selectPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

void QKeyboardInput::setController(QKeyboardController * controller)

Sets the keyboard controller to controller. Without a valid controller, the QKeyboardInput won't receive any event.

Note: Setter function for property controller.

See also controller().

void QKeyboardInput::setFocus(bool focus)

Sets the focus to focus. If focus is not currently set to true, this component will receive keyboard focus.

Note: Setter function for property focus.

See also focus().

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::spacePressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::tabPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::upPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::volumeDownPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::volumeUpPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

[signal] void QKeyboardInput::yesPressed(Qt3D::Q3DKeyEvent * event)

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