QMouseInput Class


Provides a mean of being notified about mouse events when attached to a Qt3D::QMouseController instance. More...

Header: #include <QMouseInput>
Since: Qt 5.5


Public Functions

QMouseInput(QNode * parent = 0)
bool containsMouse() const
QMouseController * controller() const
void setController(QMouseController * controller)


void clicked(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void containsMouseChanged()
void controllerChanged()
void doubleClicked(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void entered()
void exited()
void positionChanged(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void pressAndHold(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void pressed(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void released(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)
void wheel(Qt3D::Q3DWheelEvent * wheel)

Protected Functions

void copy(const QNode * ref)
void mouseEvent(Q3DMouseEvent * event)
void sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & change)
void setContainsMouse(bool contains)

Detailed Description

Provides a mean of being notified about mouse events when attached to a Qt3D::QMouseController instance.

Note: Qt3D::QMouseInput components shouldn't be shared, not respecting that condition will most likely result in undefined behaviors.

See also Qt3D::QMouseController.

Property Documentation

containsMouse : const bool

Access functions:

bool containsMouse() const

Notifier signal:

void containsMouseChanged()

controller : Qt3D::QMouseController *

Access functions:

QMouseController * controller() const
void setController(QMouseController * controller)

Notifier signal:

void controllerChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QMouseInput::QMouseInput(QNode * parent = 0)

Constructs a new Qt3D::QMouseInput instance with parent parent.


Destroys this QMouseInput object

[signal] void QMouseInput::clicked(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

bool QMouseInput::containsMouse() const

Returns true if the QMouseInput currently contains the mouse.

Note: : In this context, contains mean that the ray originating from the mouse is intersecting with the Qt3D::QEntity that aggregates the current Qt3D::QMouseInput instance component.

Note: Getter function for property containsMouse.

See also setContainsMouse().

QMouseController * QMouseInput::controller() const

Returns the current mouse controller of the QMouseInput instance.

Note: Getter function for property controller.

See also setController().

[protected] void QMouseInput::copy(const QNode * ref)

[signal] void QMouseInput::doubleClicked(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

[signal] void QMouseInput::entered()

[signal] void QMouseInput::exited()

[protected] void QMouseInput::mouseEvent(Q3DMouseEvent * event)

[signal] void QMouseInput::positionChanged(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

[signal] void QMouseInput::pressAndHold(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

[signal] void QMouseInput::pressed(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

[signal] void QMouseInput::released(Qt3D::Q3DMouseEvent * mouse)

[protected] void QMouseInput::sceneChangeEvent(const QSceneChangePtr & change)

[protected] void QMouseInput::setContainsMouse(bool contains)

See also containsMouse().

void QMouseInput::setController(QMouseController * controller)

Sets the mouse controller of the Qt3D::QMouseInput instance to controller.

Note: Setter function for property controller.

See also controller().

[signal] void QMouseInput::wheel(Qt3D::Q3DWheelEvent * wheel)

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