QRenderPass Class



Public Functions

QRenderPass(QNode * parent = 0)
void addAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)
void addBinding(QParameterMapping * binding)
void addParameter(QParameter * p)
void addRenderState(QRenderState * state)
QList<QAnnotation *> annotations() const
ParameterList attributes() const
QList<QParameterMapping *> bindings() const
QString glslNameForParameter(QString paramName) const
QList<QParameter *> parameters() const
void removeAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)
void removeBinding(QParameterMapping * binding)
void removeParameter(QParameter * p)
void removeRenderState(QRenderState * state)
QList<QRenderState *> renderStates() const
void setShaderProgram(QShaderProgram * shaderProgram)
QShaderProgram * shaderProgram() const
ParameterList uniforms() const


Protected Functions

void copy(const QNode * ref)

Property Documentation

shaderProgram : Qt3D::QShaderProgram *

Access functions:

QShaderProgram * shaderProgram() const
void setShaderProgram(QShaderProgram * shaderProgram)

Notifier signal:

void shaderProgramChanged()

Member Function Documentation

QRenderPass::QRenderPass(QNode * parent = 0)


void QRenderPass::addAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)

void QRenderPass::addBinding(QParameterMapping * binding)

void QRenderPass::addParameter(QParameter * p)

void QRenderPass::addRenderState(QRenderState * state)

Adds a Qt3D::QRenderState state to the rendering pass. That implies that when the pass is executed at render time, the globally set render state will be modifed by the states defined locally by the Qt3D::QRenderPass.

Note: not defining any Qt3D::QRenderState in a pass will result in the pass using the globally set render state for a given FrameGraph branch execution path.

QList<QAnnotation *> QRenderPass::annotations() const

ParameterList QRenderPass::attributes() const

QList<QParameterMapping *> QRenderPass::bindings() const

[protected] void QRenderPass::copy(const QNode * ref)

QString QRenderPass::glslNameForParameter(QString paramName) const

QList<QParameter *> QRenderPass::parameters() const

void QRenderPass::removeAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)

void QRenderPass::removeBinding(QParameterMapping * binding)

void QRenderPass::removeParameter(QParameter * p)

void QRenderPass::removeRenderState(QRenderState * state)

Removes state from the Qt3D::QRenderPass local render state.

QList<QRenderState *> QRenderPass::renderStates() const

Returns the list of Qt3D::QRenderState state objects making up the render state of the Qt3D::QRenderPass.

void QRenderPass::setShaderProgram(QShaderProgram * shaderProgram)

Sets the pass's shaderProgram. This posts a ComponentUpdated QScenePropertyChange to the QChangeArbiter. The value is set to the ShaderProgram and the property name to "shaderProgram".

Note: Setter function for property shaderProgram.

See also shaderProgram().

ParameterList QRenderPass::uniforms() const

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