QSkyboxEntity Class


Qt3D::QSkyboxEntity is a convenience Qt3D::QEntity subclass that can be used to insert a skybox in a 3D scene. More...

Header: #include <QSkyboxEntity>
qmake: QT += 3drenderer
Since: Qt 5.5

Public Functions

QSkyboxEntity(QNode * parent = 0)
QString baseName() const
QVector3D cameraPosition() const
QString extension() const
void setBaseName(const QString & baseName)
void setCameraPosition(const QVector3D & cameraPosition)
void setExtension(const QString & extension)


Detailed Description

Qt3D::QSkyboxEntity is a convenience Qt3D::QEntity subclass that can be used to insert a skybox in a 3D scene.

By specifying a base name and an extension, Qt3D::QSkyboxEntity will take care of building a TextureCubeMap to be rendered at runtime. The images in the source directory should match the pattern: base name + * "_posx|_posy|_posz|_negx|_negy|_negz" + extension

By default the extension defaults to .png.

Note: Please note that you shouldn't try to render skybox with an orthographic projection.

Member Function Documentation

QSkyboxEntity::QSkyboxEntity(QNode * parent = 0)

Constructs a new Qt3D::QSkyboxEntity object with parent as parent.


QString QSkyboxEntity::baseName() const

Returns the base name.

See also setBaseName().

QVector3D QSkyboxEntity::cameraPosition() const

Returns the camera postion.

See also setCameraPosition().

[signal] void QSkyboxEntity::cameraPositionChanged()

QString QSkyboxEntity::extension() const

Returns the extension

See also setExtension().

[signal] void QSkyboxEntity::extensionChanged()

void QSkyboxEntity::setBaseName(const QString & baseName)

Sets the base name to baseName.

See also baseName().

void QSkyboxEntity::setCameraPosition(const QVector3D & cameraPosition)

Sets the camera position to cameraPosition.

See also cameraPosition().

void QSkyboxEntity::setExtension(const QString & extension)

Sets the extension to extension.

See also extension().

[signal] void QSkyboxEntity::sourceDirectoryChanged()

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