QTechnique Class



Public Functions

QTechnique(QNode * parent = 0)
void addAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)
void addParameter(QParameter * p)
void addPass(QRenderPass * pass)
QList<QAnnotation *> annotations() const
QOpenGLFilter * openGLFilter()
QList<QParameter *> parameters() const
void removeAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)
void removeParameter(QParameter * p)
void removePass(QRenderPass * pass)
QList<QRenderPass *> renderPasses() const

Protected Functions

void copy(const QNode * ref)

Property Documentation

openGLFilter : Qt3D::QOpenGLFilter * const

Access functions:

QOpenGLFilter * openGLFilter()

Member Function Documentation

QTechnique::QTechnique(QNode * parent = 0)


void QTechnique::addAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)

void QTechnique::addParameter(QParameter * p)

void QTechnique::addPass(QRenderPass * pass)

Appends a pass to the technique. This posts a ComponentAdded QScenePropertyChange notification to the QChangeArbiter with the value being the pass and the property name being "pass".

QList<QAnnotation *> QTechnique::annotations() const

[protected] void QTechnique::copy(const QNode * ref)

QList<QParameter *> QTechnique::parameters() const

void QTechnique::removeAnnotation(QAnnotation * criterion)

void QTechnique::removeParameter(QParameter * p)

void QTechnique::removePass(QRenderPass * pass)

Removes a pass from the technique. This posts a ComponentRemoved QScenePropertyChange notification to the QChangeArbiter with the value being the id of pass and the property name being "pass".

QList<QRenderPass *> QTechnique::renderPasses() const

Returns the list of render passes contained in the technique.

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