RenderView Class


Public Types

class InnerData

Public Functions

void addRenderAttachment(Attachment attachment)
void addSortCriteria(const QList<QNodeId> & sortMethodUid)
QFrameAllocator * allocator() const
void appendLayerFilter(const QStringList & layers)
const AttachmentPack & attachmentPack() const
void buildRenderCommands(RenderEntity * preprocessedTreeRoot)
QClearBuffer::BufferType clearBuffer() const
QColor clearColor() const
QVector<RenderCommand *> commands() const
QVector3D eyePosition() const
QStringList layerFilters() const
bool noDraw() const
RenderCameraLens * renderCamera() const
const RenderPassFilter * renderPassFilter() const
HTarget renderTargetHandle() const
Renderer * renderer() const
void setAllocator(QFrameAllocator * allocator)
void setClearBuffer(QClearBuffer::BufferType clearBuffer)
void setClearColor(const QColor & c)
void setDrawBuffers(const QList<QRenderAttachment::RenderAttachmentType> & drawBuffers)
void setEyePosition(const QVector3D & eyePos)
void setNoDraw(bool noDraw)
void setRenderCamera(RenderCameraLens * renderCamera)
void setRenderPassFilter(const RenderPassFilter * rpFilter)
void setRenderTargetHandle(HTarget renderTargetHandle)
void setRenderer(Renderer * renderer)
void setStateSet(RenderStateSet * stateSet)
void setSurfaceSize(const QSize & size)
void setTechniqueFilter(const TechniqueFilter * filter)
void setViewMatrix(const QMatrix4x4 viewMatrix)
void setViewport(const QRectF & vp)
void sort()
RenderStateSet * stateSet() const
const TechniqueFilter * techniqueFilter() const
QMatrix4x4 viewmatrix() const
QRectF viewport() const

Static Public Members

void operatordelete(void * ptr)
void operatordelete(void * ptr, void *)

Member Function Documentation



void RenderView::addRenderAttachment(Attachment attachment)

void RenderView::addSortCriteria(const QList<QNodeId> & sortMethodUid)

QFrameAllocator * RenderView::allocator() const

See also setAllocator().

void RenderView::appendLayerFilter(const QStringList & layers)

const AttachmentPack & RenderView::attachmentPack() const

void RenderView::buildRenderCommands(RenderEntity * preprocessedTreeRoot)

QClearBuffer::BufferType RenderView::clearBuffer() const

See also setClearBuffer().

QColor RenderView::clearColor() const

See also setClearColor().

QVector<RenderCommand *> RenderView::commands() const

QVector3D RenderView::eyePosition() const

See also setEyePosition().

QStringList RenderView::layerFilters() const

bool RenderView::noDraw() const

See also setNoDraw().

[static] void RenderView::operatordelete(void * ptr)

[static] void RenderView::operatordelete(void * ptr, void *)

RenderCameraLens * RenderView::renderCamera() const

See also setRenderCamera().

const RenderPassFilter * RenderView::renderPassFilter() const

See also setRenderPassFilter().

HTarget RenderView::renderTargetHandle() const

See also setRenderTargetHandle().

Renderer * RenderView::renderer() const

See also setRenderer().

void RenderView::setAllocator(QFrameAllocator * allocator)

See also allocator().

void RenderView::setClearBuffer(QClearBuffer::BufferType clearBuffer)

See also clearBuffer().

void RenderView::setClearColor(const QColor & c)

See also clearColor().

void RenderView::setDrawBuffers(const QList<QRenderAttachment::RenderAttachmentType> & drawBuffers)

void RenderView::setEyePosition(const QVector3D & eyePos)

See also eyePosition().

void RenderView::setNoDraw(bool noDraw)

See also noDraw().

void RenderView::setRenderCamera(RenderCameraLens * renderCamera)

See also renderCamera().

void RenderView::setRenderPassFilter(const RenderPassFilter * rpFilter)

See also renderPassFilter().

void RenderView::setRenderTargetHandle(HTarget renderTargetHandle)

See also renderTargetHandle().

void RenderView::setRenderer(Renderer * renderer)

See also renderer().

void RenderView::setStateSet(RenderStateSet * stateSet)

See also stateSet().

void RenderView::setSurfaceSize(const QSize & size)

void RenderView::setTechniqueFilter(const TechniqueFilter * filter)

See also techniqueFilter().

void RenderView::setViewMatrix(const QMatrix4x4 viewMatrix)

void RenderView::setViewport(const QRectF & vp)

See also viewport().

void RenderView::sort()

RenderStateSet * RenderView::stateSet() const

See also setStateSet().

const TechniqueFilter * RenderView::techniqueFilter() const

See also setTechniqueFilter().

QMatrix4x4 RenderView::viewmatrix() const

QRectF RenderView::viewport() const

See also setViewport().

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